Our Deluxe Prop Trunk

We know that the props are a huge part of the fun and when you hire the Bomb Booth, we bring our exclusive wardrobe trunk filed with hundreds of props!  This trunk has actually travelled the world over the past 70 years and we are pleased that it can still be a part of making some great memories!
  1. Our Vintage Deluxe Prop Trunk
    Filled with hundreds of props. Everything from hats to glasses and props on a stick! We've got you covered.
  2. Open the trunk...
    It's really amazing how much we can fit into this trunk. If you can't find something you'd like, we will be surprised.
  3. Open and on display
    Part of the appeal of the Bomb Booth is our professional props and displays. We take care of the full set up and make your event even more special!
  4. Props, props, and more props!
    Did we tell you how many props we have? And we don't even show them all in these pictures!
  5. Birthday or Wedding
    Whatever your event, we've got you covered with props. And you are always welcome to provide your own!
  6. Putting on the ritz
    Top your outfit with a top hat or go the warrior route as a Spartan.
  7. Formal Event or Backyard BBQ
    We can custom tailor what props are available based on the type of event you are hosting. Just let us know.
  8. Boas and kitty ears
    Or you can be a gladiator, fireman, or viking. We've got you covered.
  9. On a stick too!
    We have hundreds of props on a stick. From monocles to mustaches. Speech bubbles and theme specific.

Our Backdrops

We have a variety of standard and deluxe backdrops to choose from

  1. Black or White
    Black or White
  2. Top Hats and Staches
    Top Hats and Staches
  3. Silver Sequins
    Silver Sequins
  4. Green Screen
    Green Screen
  5. Gold and White Chevron
    Gold and White Chevron
  6. Gold Rounds
    Gold Rounds
  7. Gold to Black Bokeh
    Gold to Black Bokeh
  8. Blue Chevron
    Blue Chevron

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