Yes, you read that right and no, we aren't talking about the Christmas story and a trip to Bethlehem.  

If you are lucky, these two crazy Montclair University students will be your Bomb Booth Specialists.  They will be sure to keep your guests entertained, while making sure to capture the best memories of your event.  

Joseph belongs to Buffi & Bruce and is majoring in computer science with an added interest in photography.  Mary goes with Joseph like peas and, well, like Mary and Joseph.  She is majoring in Dance Education and Business.  

These two usually work events in North Jersey, but sometimes we get lucky and they travel to South Jersey too!
While they never take themselves too seriously, Bruce and Buffi always put their clients first and want your event to be the very best it can be! They both have lots of experience on both sides of the camera lens.  Bruce has been a featured photo bomber in many unsuspecting people's photos for years and Buffi's motto is "Big heads in the back!"  

They have been taking pictures together for over 10 years and together have four children and their family keeps growing, adding a son-in-law to the mix in 2017!

They will make certain that your guests enjoy the Bomb Booth experience and you get some great memories of your event!

A little about us...

And Who We Are

We are collectors of memories.  Our souveniers from every vacation have always
been hundreds of photos.  We know the value of a great picture.  And we truly
believe the sentiment that "a picture is worth a thousand words."

Why, the Bomb Booth?  While Buffi has years of experience in photography and graphic design, Bruce's experience and expertise is in photo bombing.  Really.  He has actually approached professional photo bomber status and has passed the talent/skill/gift onto our children and even our future son-in-law who is trying to achieve pro level.  

But seriously, we carefully selected every component of our photo booths to deliver the highest quality images while we provide the best customer experience. Our goal is to provide you with a fun photo booth experience and the highest quality images.
For our photo booths, we meticulously selected our electronics beginning with a high quality Canon DSLR camera, beautiful 21.5" touchscreen all in one computer, and a lab quality dye sublimation professional printer that prints and cuts photo strips, 4x6 and our exclusive 6x6 prints!  If you really want to go big, we can do 6x8 prints for you! 

We then added the best photo booth software available that allows you and your guests to share their photos to their social media accounts or via email or text.  Our software also has the newest technology around, including Green Screen replacement, meaning you can replace the bakground with anything you want!!  We put together the most modern photo booth with all the bells and whistles because that's what we would want if we were hiring us!

Our open air booth is custom made of powder coated steel and its sleek design is modern and stylish vs other companies who cut holes in travel cases to house and display their booths.

Our lighting will flatter you and your guests.  Your images will be bright and crystal clear unlike the dull images commonly provided by others.

Take a look under our packages to see the prices.  We won't be the least expensive, but you get what you pay for and when you hire us, you will get a professional photo booth with well trained booth specialists and the best equipment which will make it money well spent.  

We serve all of New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.  

Whether you're looking to book a Wedding, Sweet 16, Baby Shower, Graduation Party, Corporate event, Birthday Party, Fundraiser, Holiday Party or just a back yard shindig: Send us a message or give us a call.

Book the Bomb Booth today!  You won't be disappointed because we really are the BOMB.  

We love veterans.  And we'll show you some love with some special pricing.  Give us a call at 609-898-3475 or email us at and just ask.